Step 1.

Define your needs

Widen your perspective

Buying an apartment can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

The choice doesn’t just come down to the size of the flat or even the price or which floor but also the area in which you will live. Before you buy your dream home ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want your new home to be designed in accordance with current trends and standards?

Do you want to be the one who guides the interior design and match the look and feel to your lifestyle?

Do you want to live in a building with modern lifts, security, underground parking, large terraces, balconies, gardens or facilities for the disabled?

Do you want to live amongst neighbours who have similar requirements when it comes to style and quality?

If this is the case, you should look for apartments within the primary market from a developer.

Step 2.

Choosing an apartment

Focus on functionality

Before choosing an apartment, remember that it’s not the size that counts but its functionality. Above all, consider your needs. Is this to be your forever home or something temporary?

If this flat is a temporary solution, consider the possibility of an easy lease or sale.

If this is to be a forever home consider what you cannot live without in your current home?An additional bedroom for a child, a separate kitchen because you like to cook? Or maybe a large balcony, terrace or garden?

Step 3.

Choose an experienced developer.

Choose an experienced developer.

To avoid any disappointment down the track, be sure to check the credibility and integrity of the developer..

Choose a developer with experience and an established position on the market.

Pay special attention to their financial situation, their experience, the time they’ve existed on the market, their previous projects as well as the experience and opinions of clients who have used the services of the developer.

Echo Investment has over 20 years of experience in the developer industry. We belong to the Polish Association of Developers.

We have built 1,5 mln square meters

Step 4.

Book an appointment with a consultant.

During the meeting pay special attention to functionality

Ask for smart home solutions - many are already a standard.

Ask if the developer has planned any community spaces for residents such as a meeting room, a library or shared garden?

Ask about the process of changing tenants, turnkey construction options, or an indication of the monthly rent.

Step 5.

Check your credit score.

Get help from financial experts

Consider whether during the arduous process of obtaining financing your own knowledge will suffice or if it’s better to use the free assistance of financial experts recommended by the developer?

A financial expert will examine your creditworthiness taking into account bank requirements, make a comprehensive offer comparison and help compare other fees and commissions that make up the total cost of the loan. They will also assist in completing the formalities and will monitor the entire process from start to finish.

Getting professional help will give you maximum comfort and provide you with a comprehensive service during the life of the transaction.

Step 6.

Development or preliminary contract.

Ask questions

Before signing a contract, it is worth asking for a copy in order to analyse it thoroughly. If something is unclear - ask. A customer advisor is always at your disposal.

In the contract, you should pay special attention to:

  • - apartment price including any additional payments (garage, storage room)
  • - location of the apartment
  • - payment schedule
  • - occupancy permit
  • - terms and conditions regarding moving in
  • - transfer of ownership date
  • - any consequences arising from contract withdrawal
  • - the method of financing the investment by the developer
Step 7.

Design your flat.

Now it’s time for the fun part.

Once you sign the contract and your apartment is under construction, you can start thinking about decorating your apartment.

You can do it yourself or use companies recommended by the developer.These companies won’t only design the apartment but can also advise on the choice of materials and finish the apartment for final acceptance.

Step 8.

Final acceptance

You are now the homeowner

After obtaining your occupancy permit, the client advisor will invite you to collect your keys.

This is a special moment when you enter your apartment for the first time.

This is also the time when the developer’s work is evaluated. It is best to arrange the final inspection during the day to see it in daylight.

Don’t forget to take the blueprints with you and check that the actual construction is consistent and that premises meet the conditions described in the contract.

Step 9.

You are the owner

Signing the final contract.

In order to officially become the owner of the apartment, you only have to sign a final contract which transfers the ownership you.

The notarial deed contains (amongst other data) the homeowner’s name, property address, a detailed description of the apartment, number of the land and mortgage register and the price.

From this date you have a 5-year warranty.

Remember, at every stage of the apartment purchase, Echo employees are at your disposal and will help you answer every question.

That is all!

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